Revitalizing Underperforming Shopping Centers with LED Lighting Upgrades

Thomas Giallonardo III
3 min readJun 21, 2024


In the competitive world of commercial real estate, underperforming shopping centers pose a significant challenge for property owners and managers. One effective and increasingly popular strategy for revitalizing these properties is upgrading to LED lighting. This seemingly small change can have a profound impact on the overall appeal, operational efficiency, and financial performance of shopping centers.

The Importance of Lighting in Shopping Centers

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an inviting and safe environment for shoppers. Traditional lighting systems, however, often fail to meet modern standards for energy efficiency, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. LED lighting offers a superior alternative, providing numerous benefits that can transform the look and feel of a shopping center.

Advantages of LED Lighting Upgrades

  1. Energy Efficiency:
  • LED lights consume significantly less energy compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights.
  • This reduction in energy usage translates to lower utility bills, providing substantial cost savings for shopping center operators.
  1. Longer Lifespan:
  • LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, often lasting up to 50,000 hours or more.
  • This durability reduces the frequency of replacements, cutting down on maintenance costs and disruptions.
  1. Improved Aesthetics:
  • LED lighting offers better color rendering and brightness, enhancing the visual appeal of the shopping center.
  • Well-lit spaces are more attractive to shoppers, potentially increasing foot traffic and boosting sales for tenants.
  1. Environmental Impact:
  • LED lights are more environmentally friendly, producing less waste and using fewer resources over their lifespan.
  • They do not contain hazardous materials like mercury, making disposal safer and more eco-friendly.
  1. Enhanced Safety and Security:
  • Brighter and more consistent lighting improves visibility, making shopping centers safer for visitors.
  • Enhanced lighting can deter criminal activity and reduce the risk of accidents, contributing to a more secure environment.

Implementation Considerations

  1. Assessment and Planning:
  • Begin with a thorough assessment of the current lighting system, identifying areas that would benefit most from upgrades.
  • Develop a detailed plan that includes cost estimates, potential savings, and a timeline for implementation.
  1. Choosing the Right LED Lights:
  • Select LED lights that meet the specific needs of the shopping center, considering factors such as brightness, color temperature, and design.
  • Work with a reputable supplier to ensure high-quality products that come with warranties and support.
  1. Professional Installation:
  • Hire experienced professionals to handle the installation, ensuring that the new lighting system is properly set up and integrated.
  • Consider scheduling installations during off-peak hours to minimize disruption to shoppers and tenants.
  1. Maximizing ROI:
  • Promote the LED lighting upgrade to tenants and shoppers, highlighting the benefits of improved lighting.
  • Monitor energy usage and maintenance costs post-upgrade to quantify the savings and return on investment.

Case Studies: Successful LED Lighting Upgrades

  1. Mall of America:
  • One of the largest shopping centers in the United States, the Mall of America undertook a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade.
  • The project resulted in a 50% reduction in energy consumption, significantly lowering operating costs while enhancing the shopping experience.
  1. Westfield Shopping Centers:
  • Westfield implemented LED lighting across multiple properties, focusing on parking lots, common areas, and storefronts.
  • The upgrade improved safety and security, increased foot traffic, and led to a more vibrant and inviting atmosphere.


Upgrading to LED lighting is a strategic move that can breathe new life into underperforming shopping centers. The numerous benefits, from energy savings and reduced maintenance costs to improved aesthetics and safety, make it a worthwhile investment. By carefully planning and executing an LED lighting upgrade, property owners and managers can enhance the value of their shopping centers, attract more tenants and shoppers, and ensure long-term success in a competitive market.



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